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Software Review: WarmBody 2.0

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While this software bundle comes with one of the best plug-ins available for any application, its quirky extensions can sometimes be so annoying you'll want to re-boot your entire system. One way of dealing with it would be to drag everything to the trash and shop around for a shareware version of WarmBody Pro, but hold off and try to make some sense of the confusing dialogue boxes. Once you get the program to open, click on Preferences, toggle off Repeat Behavior, and it becomes more flexible, re-formatting itself to support a variety of user tasks.

Although this package has a relatively simple interface, it's shipped without documentation or service support, so it may take quite some time to figure out. This is one reason it's best integrated with a low-end system, such as the obsolete iTom 98 Deluxe.

The iTom hardware seems to rely on a large disk cache to improve usage of virtual memory. It could really use a lot more RAM, but real-world testing of WarmBody software revealed its tendency to lock up if you even think of plugging into a Firewire port. Unfortunately the buggy programming can cause crashes when used with modern-day bandwidth and bus speeds. Therefore, you may want to feel your way around using analog input devices, and stay away from the crazy encrypted internal code.

While we wait for anticipated upgrades, however, the most definite opinion we can offer is the one we've heard most often applied to software like this: You can't live with it, and you can't live without it.

— Reviewed by PapioTom Staff

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